This song is about a girl would loved a boy with every part of her andd he loved her deeply but he didn't fully understand what he had when he was with her , breaking up was the hardest decision she had to make , she could see he felt something for someone else even though he said he still loved her andd would deny any feelings for the other girl , but he wanted to see if there was something better andd not settle down just yet for he was only so young , so after she had enough of the lies she left him andd he chose to purse the other girl , but all the while his first love was on his mind . She was still heart broken andd still loved him , but hates what he did to her at the same time . Even looking at him brought memories of what they had together , andd she felt as though no one could replace what she had with him . A year goes by andd throughout the year the boy stays with the other girl but knows it was not anywhere near the magic he had with his first love . He comes back into her life wanting her advice andd help with what he should do , wanting his first love to tell him that she still needs him . But she has learnt never to trust him again , she will never let someone throw her away to find something better and then come to the realisation that she was the best he could have ever had and expect her to jump straight back into his arms. he hurt her so deeply that just coming back into her life wont fix it , she wishes she never met him so he could have never hurt her , wishes he didnt have any control over her, andd wishes she never fell in love with a liar . Who does he think he is coming back into her life after lying andd choosing someone else to replace her , it will never work because of all the hurt he caused , all the lies he said andd the hate created . The scar will be with her for the rest of her life but its a reminder to her to never let someone steal a part of her again , never to be tricked into believing empty words but mostly it is a reminder to never be tricked by him again . The scar is a learning curve so she can only improve what she has from now on andd as soon as there is doubt she will let her heart take over andd end it before she gets another gash that should have been prevented from the start.